Welcome to nubohemia. We arrived at the 42 W. Biddle St. location in Baltimore on July 1st 2013. We, unfortunately, want to let you know that we will be closing on June 1st. Over the last 5 years we have been a dynamic coffee shop using social media presentations for all of our happenings. Since our “coffee, culture, music” movement will cease brick and mortar operations for our retail shop beginning the weekend of June 1st 2018, we have decided to create this small site to display memories from our years in operation. Hopefully you will enjoy the pics until we find a new venue for our vision.

The reason for us closing without a new home is a simple one. We “settled” for the location we are in now and made the best of it. We do not want to continue with that philosophy moving forward. So, until we find a location that make sense to us, we will take a break. We would like to come back with a new coffee shop at a better location, or find a large warehouse/building and a few hundred thousand dollars to fund our dream of a concept-venue related to coffee and arts.

Until then, you still may hear about us doing creative events to keep the “- culture – music” part of our brand going.

Regards….and thank you all for your support,

Jay Rags (owner)

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